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  1. BATH SHEET Hespérides

    by Anne de Solène

    BATH SHEET Hespérides

    by Anne de Solène
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    from $100.00 from $100.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  2. BATH SHEET Aura

    by Anne de Solène


    by Anne de Solène
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    from $115.00 from $115.00 of which eco-part. 0 €
  3. BATH SHEET Villandry

    by Anne de Solène

    BATH SHEET Villandry

    by Anne de Solène
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Bath Sheets

After your bath, wrap yourself in ultimate softness with Anne de Solène’s range of bath sheets. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, each piece captures the essence of the brand’s commitment to quality and luxury. Turn your bathroom into a place of charm and relaxation with our selection of bath sheets.

An embodiment of elegance and comfort, Anne de Solène’s bath sheets are crafted to transform your bathroom into a lavish and personal spa experience. The stylish designs coupled with comfort will elevate your everyday bathing routine into a luxurious ritual.

Why Choose an Anne de Solène® Bath Sheet?

Combining tradition and French savoir-faire, Anne de Solène offers a collection of high-quality cotton bath sheets. Mixing quality and durability, we make available a wide selection of colors to accentuate any bathroom space.

Anchoring our philosophy on merging aesthetics and functionality, every bath sheet is thoughtfully designed with modern trends in mind while never compromising on comfort and practical use. Whether you opt for a sober gray or beige, a solid pink, a romantic red, or a fresh white color coupled with deep blue stripes, Anne de Solène® bath sheets will bring you softness and comfort every day.

Investing in Anne de Solène® bath sheets means prioritizing your comfort and wellness. Our bath sheets are not just about aesthetics; they are about experiencing luxury in your everyday life. Treat yourself by pairing your bath sheet with other bathroom accessories: a towel, a hand towel, a washcloth, a bath mat, or even a matching bathrobe.

A Superior Quality Bath Sheet

Choose an Anne de Solène® bath sheet and opt for quality materials that feature meticulous finishes and an immaculate touch of softness. With a commitment to quality in every fiber and stitch of these bath sheets, you’ll equally enjoy the perfect weight and thickness of our creations to ensure they become an integral part of your bathing routine. With a weight of 300 g/sqm or 550 g/sqm, Anne de Solène® bath sheets guarantee you optimal and comfortable absorption.

A Size for Everyone

With a size of 35 x 59 inches, let yourself be enveloped in softness after a shower or bath. A bath sheet of this size provides ample coverage, wrapping you in warmth and the utmost softness. Find a bath sheet that suits your unique tastes in terms of style and elegance by opting for a honeycomb design, a fancy threaded finish, beautiful embroidery, or Jacquard edging.

Committed to providing quality creations with an eco-responsible approach, we offer bath sheets in organic or natural cotton. Dedicated to reducing its carbon footprint and promoting sustainable practices by offering eco-friendly products, Anne de Solene constantly innovates and renews its collections to always offer you a wide selection of bath linens and accessories.

The versatility of Anne de Solène® bath sheets allows you to blend your selection with your pre-existing décor to create a new look for your bathroom.

Invest in Anne de Solene Bath Sheets

Explore our range of high-quality Anne de Solène® bath towels and sheets made from noble materials. Manufactured to an exceptional thickness of 550 g/sqm for perfect softness and comfort, our PETALE collection offers a palette of 25 colors so you can mix and match according to your personal sense of style. These rich hues can instantly breathe life into your bathroom, giving it a vibrant and fresh look. For an added touch of elegance, opt for coordinated bath towels so you can dry off and wrap yourself in warmth right after your shower or bath!

There is nothing more pleasant with Anne de Solene products! We offer you a wide selection of bath towels and sheets. We believe that the simple act of drying off should feel luxurious. That's why our towels and sheets are designed to pamper you. Whether you choose a basic color amongst our palette of 20 different colors or striped ones to add a dynamic touch to your bathroom décor, you’re moments away from sublimely enjoying your time outside of your bath or shower.

To make everyday life even more beautiful, more pleasant, more colorful, you can choose amongst our quality bed linens. Experience the luxury of fine bath and bed linens every day with Anne de Solène. Our collections include everything you need to create a comfortable and stylish home in minutes.

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