Acrylic is a soft synthetic textile fiber that irons easily and dries quickly.



Bias is a finish found on certain comforters, pillows, and mattress toppers. It is a strip of fabric that covers the connecting seam between the top and bottom of the comforter (for example).


A bonnet is the part of a fitted sheet that folds under your mattress to keep it in place and prevent it from moving while you sleep. We often refer to the "bonnet height," which is an important consideration when choosing a sheet to fit your mattress (and possibly your mattress topper).


Cotton bouclette

Cotton bouclette is a cotton weave that is usually used for bath or bedding protectors. The threads are woven in small loops for maximum absorption.

Cotton percale

Cotton percale is an extremely soft, high-quality cotton weave. It has a weave of at least 78 threads/cm².

Cotton sateen

Cotton sateen is a high-grade cotton weave with extremely fine threads for a soft and silky feel. It has a weave of at least 82 threads/cm²

Combed cotton

This cotton is softer than traditional cotton as it has been combed, i.e., all its impurities and short fibers have been removed.



Down refers to the small, extremely lightweight feathers found on the belly and underside of the wings of birds such as ducks and geese. Down has been used for centuries to keep people warm at night, as it serves as an excellent insulator and regulator of temperatures. In line with our dedication to animal welfare, none of the fillings in our comforters come from live animals. Our down and feathers come from birds that have been slaughtered for consumption. The animals therefore do not suffer during the process of plucking.

Double rib

Double rib is a sophisticated, high-end finish: two thick cotton strands are inserted behind the pillowcase for an embossed look. This finish takes a long time to complete as each rib must be made separately.


Easy care

Easy Care is a special fabric treatment that reduces fading and makes ironing easier.


Flat frill

A flat frill is a simple stitch placed around the entire perimeter of a product.


Hollow silicone fibers

Since the fibers used for fillings can be hollow, they are filled with air to provide for greater insulating power. They can also be coated with silicone to allow them to slide more easily over each other. This provides for increased fluffiness and a longer shelf life.


Hypoallergenic materials are those that minimize the risk of allergies.


Jacquard sateen

Jacquard sateen is a premium material made of combed and crossover cotton threads that form a design.


Ladder stitch

Ladder stitch is an embroidered stitch used to decorate bedding


Merino wool

Extremely stretchy and durable, merino wool is finer than traditional sheep's wool and doesn't irritate skin.


Natural cotton fleece

Cotton fleece is a soft, thick, and highly absorbent cotton fabric.



Piping is a finish found on certain comforters, pillows, and mattress toppers. It is a narrow strip placed between the two parts of a seam and adorned with a braid for an embossed look.


Plumes are the feathers that cover the rest of the bird's body. As a reminder, down refers to the small, lightweight feathers found on the belly and underside of the wings of birds. Unlike down, plumes are flat and make products firmer and heavier.



A selvage is a colorful woven stripe running through a towel or tablecloth

Satin stitch

Satin stitch is a finish reserved for high-end items. It is made using a special machine that creates a zigzag pattern with the stitches extremely close together. This embossed, decorative stitch can be made with several different widths.


The stitching of a comforter or mattress topper is an important finishing touch. It not only holds, but also distributes the filling evenly to provide for maximum comfort.