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Anne de Solène


Since 1906

For over 50 years, thanks to Anne de Solène's attention to detail, the originality of our creations and the high quality of our fabrics, we enjoy a priviledged relationship with our customers. Out of this relationship was born a genuine tradition of fine linens by Anne de Solène, passed on from generation to generation..


The choice
of fabrics

Being aware of the importance of quality bed linens means appreciating their value. Choosing a quality fabric is essentiel for a good night's sleep, as well as longterm performance.


  • Percale
  • Percale

    Our percale is made from long-staple combed cotton with a minimum of 200 TC(80 threads/sqcm).
    The yarns are long and very fine, giving it a soft,
    smooth, silky feel as well as excellent durability and easy care.

    The entire VEXIN range is made from 200 TC(80 threads/sqcm) percale.

  • Satin

    Combed cotton fabric with 270 TC (110 threads/sqcm) or 300 TC(120 threads/sqcm).
    The ultra-fine weave makes it extremely soft and supple to the touch,
    as well as highly resistant.
    The weave is finer than that of percale,
    giving the linen greater quality and making it easier to care for.
    The difference between percale and satin is the way the threads are interwoven.

    The entire ECLAT range is made from 300 TC(120 threads/sqcm) satin.

  • Satin
  • A sense of detail
  • A sense of detail

    Lavishly designed finishes - Finding the right color of thread or the exact shade of piping, all finishes are examined carefully in order to achieve the renowned "touche finale" by Anne de Solène.

    Our teams perfectly master the most beautiful and sophisticated finishes.

    Find out more about our finishes here

  • Printing

    Printing involves applying color to fabrics to create patterns. Anne de Solène uses two types of printing:

    - Digital printing: : colors are applied by nozzles. This type of printing, which also uses reactive dyes, enables realistic patterns to be created with great precision.

    - Washed fixed printing : this technique uses reactive dyes that penetrate the fiber and are applied using frames or rotating rollers. It offers excellent resistance to washing.

  • printing

    The STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label certifies that fabrics
    do not contain chemical substances considered harmful
    to health and the environment.
    At Anne de Solène, we hold STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certification
    for both standard and organic cotton.

  • GOTS label

    The GOTS label guarantees that products are made from organic cotton
    and that all stages in the manufacturing chain comply with
    strict rules such as reducing water and energy consumption,
    respecting social criteria and preserving biodiversity.
    This demanding label offers consumers a reliable guarantee.

  • GOTS label